Unfortunately, it has become sad truth that borders are closed, flights are canceled and life is practically still.

The corona virus has become a pandemic and nobody expected it. Like you, we at Battl Victory Records struggle with it. Of course we are still available for you personally and our shop is still accessible.

Due to the daily changing regulations by the governments of this world, we have decided to do something against "social distancing" or quarantine.

Our downloads are now 50% cheaper with the code 'COVID-19', which you simply enter when you check out.

Why do we use this code of all things?

It may seem a little disturbing. We agree with you there. But has a simple background.

Music has always acted as therapy and cheered us all up. You don't feel alone. You can express and absorb feelings. But the code 'TherapyAgainstSocialDistancing' or 'MusicAgainstQuarantine' was simply too laborious. Therefore simply 'COVID-19'. Because this virus is to blame that we now have to restrict our lives.

Please listen to the government, listen to the doctors and advice and follow them. We thank all helpers and wish you the best.

Stay healthy!!!

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