Alpha Corvi

Alpha Corvi


      Alpha Corvi is an electronic music artist hailing from Serbia. His music is a unique blend of various electronic styles such as house, French house, trip hop, breaks, and electro. His tracks range from slow pop dance tunes to breaking bass sounds and highly energetic party club music.

      Alpha Corvi’s dedication to his craft is unparalleled, producing every element of his songs in his own recording studio. He meticulously mixes and masters each track to ensure that every sound is perfectly placed, and no detail is left to chance. His approach to music-making is simple yet brilliant, and his primary concern is creating music that makes people dance all night or live the club and never want to go home.

      When listening to Alpha Corvi’s music, one can forget everything around them and immerse themselves in the music. He has a way of capturing the listener’s attention and taking them on a musical journey that will leave them wanting more. With his unique style and dedication to creating the best sound, Alpha Corvi is a rising star in the electronic music scene.

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