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Battl Victory Records separates from artists

You will surely have noticed it already. There are no longer any of our artists' songs or their merchandise.  This is because we separated Henry Black aka Penfld and Polygon with immediate effect. As a record label, publisher and artist management it is not always easy and you also have to make decisions that do not suit one or the other.  We are happy to comment here so that you can possibly understand this:  We did not take the easy way out and tried to solve this decision in another way. This has brought nothing. Unfortunately, you can't do more than talk well.  Since the artists have not fulfilled their tasks, we must terminate the contracts with immediate effect. The...

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Unfortunately, it has become sad truth that borders are closed, flights are canceled and life is practically still.The corona virus has become a pandemic and nobody expected it. Like you, we at Battl Victory Records struggle with it. Of course we are still available for you personally and our shop is still accessible.Due to the daily changing regulations by the governments of this world, we have decided to do something against "social distancing" or quarantine.Our downloads are now 50% cheaper with the code 'COVID-19', which you simply enter when you check out.Why do we use this code of all things?It may seem a little disturbing. We agree with you there. But has a simple background.Music has always acted as therapy...

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