Battl Victory Records partners with PIANITY!

Battl Victory Records has agreed a long-term partnership with PIANITY from Paris and is thus continuing to pioneer WEB3.

PIANITY is also a young company that specializes in music NFTs and has a large community. The advantage of PIANITY, in contrast to e.g. OpenSea, is that everyone can easily "collect" the NFTs and benefit from them. A so-called wallet does not have to be created and linked at great expense and certainly not any cryptocurrency purchased in advance. This is all integrated and different options for "collecting" are selectable. It's no longer reserved for a small group of "investors", no, it's accessible to everyone. Here you can easily support the future of your favorite band and at the same time make provisions for your own future.

This step is very important to CEO Daniel 'Battl' Sejpka because only the least artists on this planet can make a living from streaming. With NFTs you now have the opportunity to remunerate the artist fairly and appropriately. That the streaming landscape is unfair and doesn't really pay anything is no longer a real secret. The independent artists and labels suffer the most.

It's very exciting to see how pioneering work is being done here. In any case, the artists are very enthusiastic that this step is being taken. One could observe that Battl Victory Records has already experimented a little and has increasingly gone in search of a solid and future-oriented partnership.

This search is definitely bearing fruit now. This isn't the first and only partnership the label, publisher and artist agency has entered into, and it won't be the last either.

Networking in the independent sector is an important undertaking, especially as the COVID pandemic has had and still has a significant impact on the music industry and business.

Everyone can be excited about what the future will bring. It's an exciting time and the music landscape will change.

More information about PIANITY here

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