TikTok Challenge

We have come up with something new again and look forward to your help.

Of course there is also something to win!

We are looking for the best TikTok creators! Are you wondering what you have to do now?

Just create a TikTok video (preferably one where others can contribute or simply copy).

Use a song by our artists like Alpha Covi, Boombox Poets or Daniela Corvea (multiple participation allowed) and be creative! You can find the songs in the TikTok music library.

The competition runs until July 1st, 2022 (closing date).

What is there to win::

1st place: $250 dollars paid out directly
2nd to 5th place: $100 paid directly
6th to 20th place: $50 dollar gift card for our store
21st to 50th place: $25 dollar gift card for our store
51st to 100th place: $10 dollar gift card for our store

What do you have to consider?

  1. Use these hashtags: #bvr #battlvictoryrecords #tiktokchallengebvr #bvrchallenge
  2. Depending on the artist #artistname <--(insert name here)
  3. Tag us and of course our artist in TikTok
  4. Follow us and our artist on TikTok
  5. Share your video through all social media channels (again, don't forget to use hashtags and tagging)
  6. The video must be publicly viewable for at least the duration of the event and it must not be restricted in any way.
  7. The video must be approved for duets, stitches, comments, etc
  8. You give permission for us to share the video including social media handle
  9. You give us permission to contact you directly
  10. Just have fun doing it.

If you have any questions, just contact us.

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